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OperaOpus is highly parameterized business information system designed for medium and large companies.

It provides operational and financial controlling over the company's operations by integrating all processes into a single unit.

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OperaOpus ERP Image: OperaOpus ERP

OperaOpus ERP enables operational and financial controlling over company’s business and it integrates all business processes.

OperaOpus PR Image: OperaOpus PR

Our system of payroll accounting is used for thousands of employees. OperaOpusTM offeres several ways of calculation, possibility of changing calculation modules and accounting treatment of more advanced payments.

OperaOpus PRJ Image: OperaOpus PRJ

Planning and monitoring of revenues and project costs by WBS structure. Automated calculations per MRS11 and MRS18. The records of contracts and monitoring the implementation of the contractual items and automated invoice generation on schedule.

OperaOpus BI Image: OperaOpus BI

Thanks to the carefully designed data base, all reports and analyses are instantly available, always with the latest information, no matter how extensive they are. A powerful reports generator completely supports the flexible file structures as a data source.

OperaOpus MF Image: OperaOpus MF

This module encloses the whole process of production including planning, coordinating of sales, supplying and manufacturing activities, calculations and scheduling at the facility. This rounded system gives you answers to all output prices delivery datelines, it alleviates production file and report records, enables the optimisation of stock and manufacturing hours and it ensures fast “what-if” simulations.

Preactor Image: Preactor

Preactor International is the world's leading manufacturer of software for planning and scheduling of production, present in all industries. The system is installed in more than 3000 manufacturing enterprises in 67 countries. Preactor offers a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility and integrability.

OperaOpus WMS Image: OperaOpus WMS

Warehouse management using mobile terminals with bar code reader. Monitoring of transactions per positions, lots, expiration dates. Production of all documents and systems through this specialized module. Issuance of goods according to provisions of contracts.

OperaOpus WRK Image: OperaOpus WRK

Automated business processes defined in an arbitrary number of steps for all transaction documents systems in the manufacturing, financial and commodity-material-commercial module system, as well as for CRM activities and the main codebook system.

OperaOpus CRM Image: OperaOpus CRM

Customer Relationship Management represents a direction in a business strategy oriented on customer satisfaction, thereby software version thats strategy is realized with this definition is broadended by our system to generalmonitoring of all activities and responsibilities in the areas of marketing, sales,supply, maintenance and the internal organization with all other OperaOpus modules.

OperaOpus BILL Image: OperaOpus BILL

This module is intended for companies with specific needs, like utility companies,telecomunication providers and educational institutions. With billing module, work with houndred thousand customers is supported with automatic generating of all necessary documents.

OperaOpus WS Image: OperaOpus WS

We have built an integrated system for Internet shopping and for implementation of on-line help desk. OperaOpus WS is Internet application for Web shopping which is in real time linked to the OperaOpus ERP system using all the advantages of this mode.

OperaOpus EXT Image: OperaOpus EXT

The system OperaOpus is open to integration with other software, tools and machines, web services for different purposes.



04.06.2020. OperaOpus in the company ATM Valve Solutions Ltd., Ivanić-Grad

ATM Valve Solutions d.o.o., from Ivanić-Grad, will implement in its business our system OperaOpus ERP. The company is engaged in the production and servicing of valves, measurement equipment and pneumatic actuators.

Our system will cover all business enterprise processes with an emphasis on planning and monitoring of production and projects.

12.05.20202 OperaOpus in the company Jasika Ltd., Zagreb-Lučko

We have signed a contract on the implementation of the OperaOpus system with the company Jasika Ltd.

Jasika is one of the leading Croatian companies in the sale and distribution of medicines, medical equipment and devices. Our ERP will support all business processes, with the mandatory implementation of computer system validation due to strict rules in the storage and distribution of medicines. The system will also be used by 3 related companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.

20.4.2020. - OperaOpus in the company Asfalti Ptuj Ltd., Ptuj, Slovenia

The Slovenian company Asfalti Ptuj Ltd. will implement our OperaOpus ERP system in its operations. The company is engaged in civil engineering and specializes in the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads and other transport areas within industrial and other facilities. It is part of the COLAS Group. Our system will cover all business processes, with an emphasis on project monitoring and integration with other COLAS Group business systems.

31.03.2020. OperaOpus in the company Kedo Ltd., Zagreb

The company Kedo Ltd. has decided to run its business using our ERP system. Kedo is engaged in the sale of building materials, the transportation and production of reinforcement nets and concrete iron. The system OperaOpus will cover all key business processes.

06.03.2020. ISO recertifiication

Another recertification for norm ISO 9001:2015 successfully completed!

24.12.2019. Infor Birst and OperaOpus Data Warehouse in the company Rasco Ltd, Kalinovac

We would like to thank our longtime user, Rasco Ltd. from Kalinovac, for the opportunity to implement our business intelligence solution.

The solution was achieved by synergy of one of the world's leading BI tools - Infor Birst and the Data Warehouse developed in our company.

The implementation will provide umbrella managerial insight and data management in the areas of finance, sales and warehouse for multiple owned companies.

11.12.2019. OperaOpus in the company Colas Mineral Ltd., Varaždin

COLAS Mineral Ltd. is the part of an international concern COLAS. The company's main activity is extraction, production and distribution of gravel, production and distribution of stone aggregate, concrete and cement stabilization. Our system will be implemented in all enterprise processes, with integration with the concern's business systems.


21.08.2019. OperaOpus in the company COLAS Hrvatska Ltd., Varaždin

A contract on implementation of the system OperaOpus in the company COLAS Hrvatska Ltd. has been signed. Colas is one of the leading companies in Croatian civil engineering with about 300 employees. They specialize in the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of motorways and other roads and traffic areas, and the production of asphalt and concrete. The company is part of a large French international group. The OperaOpus system will be implemented in all business processes, with an emphasis on project monitoring and billing according to the WBS methodology and controlling, and at several levels will be integrated with the group systems.


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