BI = Business Intelligence

Data warehouse

Data warehouse are the foundation for getting the key reports for quality business decisions. It combines data from multiple years of business and different sources. Somewhat deviating from the conservative definition of this term, OperaOpus brings the possibility of using data warehouses within the standard functionality of the system, at no additional cost. Namely, thanks to an extremely well-designed database and the flexibility of the system, OperaOpus easily retrieves the data from all previous business years, thereby using the data from legacy systems (which already in implementation can be transformed through flexible document types of OperaOpus). Over all data it is possible to perform numerous grouping, summarizing and filtering, pivot, and graphs with depth ("dill-down") analysis, "to map" various data on the same display dimensions, analyse trends ...

For users used to using standard OLAP clients, we enable access to our data base and help in definition and creation of OLAP cubes and all necessary analyses.


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