CRM = Customer Relationship Management


Each contact with a potential customer opens the possibility of realizing sales. Sales can be opened individually or can be generated within the group announcement of a campaign. Sales, too, can be monitored by phases (defined by the type of sales). Depending on planned and realized phases, the system will promptly alert the person in charge of reaching the next phase of sales. Upon opening a new sales, can be estimated the total value of work, as well as the likelihood and time of its achievement. Using this data reports can be produced reports on planned flow in some time period, per commercialist / partner / type of sales ... or any combination of mentioned criteria. Information on planned and realized sale can be viewed in management accounting reports, made on the basis of documents (orders, bids, invoices) related to the sale. The sale is considered completed upon entry of the date of completion. Completion date will be entered automatically by selecting a status that closes the sale, and selection of such status will result with verification of the closure of all tasks related to this sale, and if desired close these tasks.


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