BILL = Billing


This module is intended for companies with specific needs, like utility companies,telecomunication providers and educational institutions. by billing module, work with houndred thousand customers is supported with automatic generating ofall necessery documents.

This module implements the following:

  • monitoring of contracts for each client
  • defining of service/item pricelists for groups, partners, regions, cost objects...
  • account generation by geographical affiliation, user groups, service/item types and other freely defined criteria
  • possibility of creating notices for individual users, settlements, municipalities...
  • mass deposit slip printouts
  • possibility of printing of user-defined data (the number of unpaid bills, total debt...) on depositslips and bills
  • easy way of processing exceptions and easy account regeneration through altered conditions, and for unlimited number of times
  • clear group or detailed print of generated/printed files
  • mass calculation, interest printout and non-payment notices with automatic ledger charges
  • automatic data transformation into the ledger, accounts payable system and into tax records
  • automatic payment import through e-banking and automatic linking to debentures
  • detailed and recapitulated reports on sales and debts/receivables (by partner and service/item groups, by regions, settlements, municipalities, streets... Monitoring of sued partners and irrecoverable debts)

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