ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning


The origin for financial indicators of the company's business is General ledger, which is in relation to possible associated positions such as cost center, project, facility, production work order, investments, contract, etc. It is created by automated process of permanent alignment with transactions from which is generated. Reconciliation is done through a modifiable highly parameterised models of bookkeeping's, which also includes backward adjusting of the transferred data in unlocked accounting periods. At the same time, General Ledger is the source for all tax records. Foreign currency transactions are entered and transmitted into the General ledger in the original currency, while the equivalent in local currency is calculated by current exchange rate and for all transactions of the same currency on the same day. Bookkeeping of exchange rate difference is carried out automatically. The system automatically enters the synchronization of exchange rate with average exchange rate of CNB Bank, for the predefined value, by drawing courses from the Internet. Data for the tax books are integrated into the General ledger, as well as data for Supervisory books of imports and exports. Bookkeeping and financial reporting revenue of profit and loss items is organized in accordance with the organizational scheme of the company. Besides to a cost center, one of the positions of the account, and thus the source for planning and analysis there are also various types of cost centers.


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