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Intelligent business system and business process integration are unavoidable in any development-oriented enterprise. Company SVAM plus d.o.o. with its products and services is involved in the business progress and helps development of its clients.
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The aim of the company is further incensement of the quality of the system through the development and upgrade of its capabilities. In the development of new functionality and transformation of existing system components, the company continuously applies new technology. Also, in the field of consultancy services the company intends to expand its business by linking up with strategic partners.

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The main activity is the development, implementation and maintenance of its own business information system OperaOpus. We provide design and customization of information systems to business processes, consulting services in the systematization of information, consultancy services in the formulation of business analysis and definition of transparent accounting, consulting services in the areas of controlling and ensuring clients with permanent adjustments.

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The Company was founded in 1995. in Zagreb. Using the previously gained experience in the area of application software, a group of founders began to develop their own software solutions. In the year 1997 were implemented the first parts of today’s the most important product of the company - an information system OperaOpus. The constant monitoring of the latest IT developments, the company has profiled in a modern engineering company that offers a highly parameterized system and consulting services in business process management.




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