CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Reporting from the CRM

As in all parts of OperaOpus ERP, here also was performed the principle of complete flexibility in reporting. This means that all data entered in any part of CRM are available for reporting in the pivot or graphical form, through all the years of operation.

There are three types of reports:

  • Built-in reports - reports included in the software (the success of the sale and supply by various criteria and arbitrary periods, views of sales, tasks, queries, ... per types, responsible persons, partners ..., used working hours in tasks, statistics of business efficiency, time for solving tasks and solving service queries ...)
  • User-defined reports - using the embedded tools for generating reports, the user can, in a few simple steps, prepare a report from any part of CRM, use arbitrarily design, share (or not) with other users, and save for later use
  • Reports combined with data from other parts of the OperaOpus system - since CRM is tightly integrated with documents from other system modules (ERP and MF) in this section it is possible to combine the CRM data with these modules

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