BI = Business Intelligence


Thanks to the carefully designed data base, all reports and analyses are instantly available, always with the latest information, no matter how extensive they are. A powerful reports generator completely supports the flexible file structures as a data source. The system is upgraded with the required number of reports which are adjusted for each individual user. Reports are shown in the pivot, graphic and preview form. Their access is limited with the security settings and they can be combined with the Excel templates and custom made data base queries. A special console (Dashboard) has been created for management purposes with the overviews of the key business indicators and the possibility of insight and data consolidation from many group companies, regardless of the country, the currency or the chart of accounts.

OperaOpusTM can use the data from the previous years of a business activity as a data source. A continuity of the reports is ensured by the data transformation from the previous systems into the OperaOpusTM documents.


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