ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Retail places

Retail places are connected to head office through the ADSL or wireless Internet using a secure VPN connection. This allows a constant access to all data in the head office and all retail places (depending on security settings). Making of retail calculations, automatic leveling of stocks to the new entry price and the possibility of scheduling dependent acquisition costs for items and their involvement in the purchase price, are an integral part of the receipt of goods on stock, which significantly shortens the implementation of retail activity and development of supporting documentation. With a record of all retail activities per retail places such as procurement, sales, leveling, discounts on sales, outlet actions ..., elaboration is associated as well as automated recording per retail units (debit / discharge of prime cost and calculate value of margin and VAT). Functionality of pre-defining retail prices of items is provided through two options: centralized or at the level of each retail location. Also are provided all legal reports, and dedicatedly created sales and purchasing analysis according to user's wishes.


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