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Ongoing customer support SVAM plus provided through its employees assigned on tasks of maintenance, who provide prompt service by connecting to a customer's site, and maintaining constant contact with system customers by the Helpdesk. Particular attention SVAM plus pays to care about continuing improvement of information systems in the environment of business system in which operates. If case of a need for the services of audit supervision, tax consulting and special administrator services in the maintenance of hardware and communications equipment, SVAM plus is able to meet the needs of its clients in collaboration with its many external associates.

For our product we offer contracting of continuous guarantee through annual contracts on actualisation and system maintenance. With actualisation we cover all legal changes in business dealings, technological coordination and new system functionalities. We also offer (in the form of additional maintenance) favourable packages of working hours which can be used for redefining procedures necessary for monitoring of new business processes, as well as the creation of added and adapted reports, training of new system operators, consulting... As to ensure our users of a completely transparent cost control, we file and send all the demands and interventions to the user in the form of reports, monthly or by demand. We are capable to provide information on the status of each request at any time, as well as on the details of all completed tasks in any time frame. We are obliged to answer any question within 24 hours, and in reality we respond instantly to almost all demands. We take questions and deal with them in all available communication channels. Licence ways, business terms, formulas for actualisation calculation and maintenance are transparent in our public licence prices and in our company's services.


In the framework of contractual relationships with its customers SVAM plus provides designing services and customization of information systems to business system in accordance with the adaptation of the business system to the targeted structure of business processes.

To the users of its software plus SVAM provides: consulting in the designing and creation of data structures and systematization of information, consulting in the development of business analysis and design of a transparent accounting.


The implementation of OperaOpusTM system is a complex process that is managed by our team of highly qualified experts in business computer science. Each implementation is overseen by consultants with at least 10 years of experience in number of demanding projects.

Each implementation is approached as a separate project and we adapt the system to the smallest detail, tailored to the customer. Together we build all documents for business monitoring and we determine their functional behaviour in the system. File and responsibilities flow directions are established, we have the necessary number of reports ready, we filter and normalise present data and we train and educate the operators. We prepare everything necessary for controlling. We believe that the only way to a completely satisfied customer is through such an individualised approach.

During an implementation following activities take place:

Some of these phases can be done simultaneously,depending on the demanding and urgency of the implementation and in agreement with the user. It is possible to start the system any time of the year, with data transfer from the existing system up to that moment.


Information system as support system in completion of the controlling supported by a business information system constitutes the frame of sucessful business management. An information-oriented and to controlling adjusted concept is conducted in establishing and implementation of accounting records in the system, and in enforcement of planning, sales records and financial activities in the system. By gathering information and shaping that information into a result, the controlling gives directions for managing finances and it gives the higher and upper management a platform for making strategic decisions.

For controling needs the system enables the following:

  • records of partial plans (operative and financial sales, manufacture, supply and investment plans)
  • short-term and long-term planning, comparison of accomplished and planned activities in time segments
  • adding of controlling elements in the system documents
  • integration of budget, controlling strategies and goals with operational activities
  • analysis of business activities through establishing of a controlling-reports system
  • timely informing through system integration with CRM system and the possibility of publication of controlling reports on the control board (Dashboard)
  • income and cost structuring by areas of responsibility,management, and profit centres

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