WS = Web Shop


We have built an integrated system for Internet shopping and for implementation of on-line help desk. OperaOpus WS is Internet application for Web shopping which is in real time linked to the OperaOpus ERP system using all the advantages of this mode:

  • On-line Stock (can be and does not have to be shown to the end user)
  • Editing information about the products, groups, supergroup, units of measure, ways of payment, pictures of articles, other related files ... is done through OperaOpus, and a reconciliation with the data from the Internet is automated
  • Creating the users and management of access to online store directly from OperaOpus; possibility of purchase for registered users and anonymous purchases (B2B, B2C)
  • Defining the pricing structure (per items and partners, groups and item supergroups, groups of partners, manufacturers, branches, regions, states, ...) in OperaOpus and automatic immediate application to the current items and web shop buyers
  • Stopping and starting the web shop with one click
  • On-line access to every status of documents related to the registered user (order status, account opening, the connection with the CRM events and term bookings ...)
  • Managing the proposals for shopping and news through OperaOpus documents and on-line linking to the web shop
  • Implemented help desk functionalities (receiving requests for service, view of the status of the service, managing FAQ part on the web through the CRM knowledge base ...)

The module is fully integrated into the system OperaOpus from which is possible to directly manage the work of web shop and help desk.


Web shop is not oriented to professionals but to the end user and thus represents a fundamental step of opening the CRM directly to the end customers, partners and also in sales which should be treated as a customer and give it a maximum possible support.

The requirements of modern business and lifestyle set the same goal for all three groups and that is efficiency and simplicity. By using the Web shop customers and sales generates the time savings because the client is provided with independent access to the information and basic procedures related to its policies, while for sales, on the other hand, transparent resolution of these basic simple actions provides additional time that can be used for increasing the number of new clients, and expanding or improving the product portfolio of existing clients.

Application for the web shop is made with modern Internet technologies, and supports the following possibilities:

  • Fast and simple search of items by various criteria (names, groups, manufacturers ...). For search by the item name is implemented the "Autocomplete" function.
  • Easily adding and manipulating with items in the cart
  • Easy verification of orders and automatically forwarding to the OperaOpus
  • „Home“ page for registrared users with the overview of account status, orders, purchase history, service requests...
  • Suggesting the required items to the buyer (according to the previous purchases and / or by the template of web store owner)
  • Replacement items
  • implemented securely on-line credit card payment
  • Purchase of items referring to the contract
  • Ordering items which are currently not in stock - „wish list“
  • Suggesting the items that are on special offer, through the administration mod
  • Easy on-line registration of new users
  • On-line Inquiry
  • Using web shop as a guest and as a registered user
  • Item segmentation to the user
  • Multilingualism of web shop and items
  • Custom view of the web shop by design standards of the users

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