PRJ = Projekti

Projects and contracts

The project module is primarily made for project-oriented companies. The system allows to define the structure of the WBS project methodology with the help of which the operational monitoring of the project introduces a separation of the project into smaller parts, by defining levels together with the projects elements. These project elements can be stages or revenue- and/or cost-organized units of the project featured as key indicators to monitor the performance of the project. The project element is also the level at which planning of project costs is carried out by type, as well as the invoicing plan, the plan of the project execution and taking over.


The projects tracking module can be used integrated with the production monitoring module, when planning and monitoring of production work orders become part of the project monitoring, so the costs of each production work order are at the same time attributed to a project element.


An integral part of this module is the automated calculation of  projects based on user-defined elements of the work in progress and associated keys to schedule the general cost of the project.

Some of significant features of this module are following:

  • defining the project structure in accordance with the WBS methodology
  • automatic generation of the WBS element code by the selected dimensions
  • classifying WBS elements by their types and kinds
  • recording and allocating to WBS element all costs incurred in the course of implementation of the contracted work
  • correction of the plan and anticipated margins over time
  • calculation of the project success in accordance with applicable margins
  • calculation and correction of revenues by category (implemented/non-implemented, delayed) or cost by category (recognized, delayed), depending on the MRS11 methodology
  • classification of costs into categories: materials, labor, fixed and variable, in the automated calculation
  • continuous monitoring of the project success by WBS elements with embedded reports
  • link between the project and related contracts
  • records of customers and suppliers/subcontractors agreements
  • records of internal agreements stipulated between business units
  • contract form defining depending on the type of contract
  • records of cost estimate items in a hierarchical structure
  • plan of invoicing per contract
  • automatic generation of  the plan  invoices
  • annexation of agreements
  • contract versioning
  • linking all of the system documents to the contract
  • linking CRM activities to the contract
  • records of consortium partners and nominated subcontractors (with the definition of subcontractors’ amounts in the accounts that are specifically recorded and monitored in Finance and Account Reconciliation)
  • tying external documents to a contract (doc, XLS, PDF...)
  • records of business unit shares in the contract with a possibility of automatic distribution of  the income on the account according to defined proportions
  • records of retention with automatic correction of the expected maturity in case of change of the project date

Records of Projects:

Records of Contracts:


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