CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Implementation example for salary accounting module


Calculate salary for workers whose earnings consist of:

  • the main part (90%)
  • supplement (10%)
  • stimulation of the main part (in percentage)
  • past work by years of service to all of the above

Each worker, per workplace, has advanced defined schedule.

Monthly data on hours worked by type, user types in an Excel spreadsheet.


By automated uploading of data from Excel spreadsheets, the number of hours by type is transferred into salary account. Each part of the salary is recorded in a particular type of work. Hours of the main part and extras is the same and is automatically multiplied by the number of hours worked in a month which results in the total amount of salary before calculating stimulations.

Through group process is selected the kind of work that form the basis for the calculation of stimulation, and in what type of work the amount of stimulation type is entered. The percentage of stimulation is determined by the coefficient in the definition of types of work "stimulations". It is possible to select the entry of stimulation per one employee, a group of employees or both. Past work is calculated based on entered percentage (for the entire calculation) and is multiplied by the years of service and basis. Analytics according to types and cost centres can be entered manually, imported or defined in the program.

From the reporting part all statutory forms are gained (R-Sm, ID, IDD, etc.). It is possible to automatically generate transfer orders (files) for Internet banking as well as files for the distribution of salaries for all banks. Also are available user reports (information on the years of work, qualifications ...), and various kinds of certificates (payslip, proof / solution on annual vacation ...)


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