WRK = Workflow

About product

OperaOpusTM WRK offers the ability to define different approval process for the documents in the system. It is possible to define an arbitrary number of steps for the approval of all system documents (financial/commodity-material-commercial/production/contracts/travel orders).

Unapproved documents can not pass to the next stage of processing (recording, printing, sending to partner, copying...). The process flow can look different depending on the characteristics of the document to be approved (ie. additional people involved in approving documents above a certain amount, or different types of work).
This module has the following important features:


  • approvals are defined by the operators and/or groups of operators, belonging to the place and cost carrier, according to the company hierarchy
  • each step of approval may have an arbitrary number of operators to approve it and a prescribed approval deadline
  • operators are informed of new requests (or next steps) by the system itself and/or by e-mail / SMS mail (with the document print attached)
  • communication by e-mail is defined using templates in which data from a document for approval can be added; it is possible to define to have  people from arbitrarily defined mailing lists informed with each approval
  • approval can be defined in a way to result in automatic generation of a sequence document in the process or subsequent posting
  • process of approval can be totally flexible as well (operators make ad hoc decisions on the  next step of approval) 
  • approval may at any stage be canceled or diverted


Approval request review:



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