WMS = Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management

For warehouse management a special module is used that runs on mobile terminals with bar code readers. The terminals have a permanent connection to the central database, and the functionality of the module and access rights are defined in the central ERP application.

The main features of the system

  • control of goods at entry and exit from the warehouse
  • scheduling merchandise at positions within the warehouse
  • automated procedures inventory of goods and fixed assets
  • review of stock per item, location, lot, date of expiry
  • integration with the production module OperaOpus MF - system propose work orders that need to issue material in the production, according to the status of work orders and the planned date of manufacture and storage quantities of materials required. It allows simultaneous issuance of material for one or more work orders.
  • creating documents
  • print labels and declarations
  • copying documenats

Main application manu


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