ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Fixed assets

With OperaOpus system it is possible to manage investments in progress until put into use. During the financial year it is possible to calculate an arbitrary number of depreciation by depreciation rates pre-defined for specific fixed asset (basic depreciation rate, enlarged depreciation rate or the current write-off). For monitoring are offered: Depreciation of Fixed assets, fixed assets write-off, increase the value of fixed assets, the disposal of the part of fixed asset, Change of fixed assets location, Međuskladišnica OS, OS Inventory deficit, Inventory Surplus. On reports about events related to fixed assets, business events can be grouped and recapitulate per groups of fixed assets and locations. The system provides the development of cost and isknjiženoj value at the beginning of the period of the report, on new procurement in the period, depreciated in the period, early subtraction and isknjiženoj value for the period. Preparing of inventory of fixed assets is possible for bar code readers, as well as feedback data analysis after the inventory.


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