BI = Business Intelligence

User defined reports

The principle of complete flexibility of the system is consistently implemented in the module for generating reports according to user needs. In a few simple steps it is possible to generate as many reports from the general ledger, documents of property accounting, material and commercial dealings and the Assets accounting. For the new report, all fields from the database used in any kinds of documents can be used. Since in the system OperaOpus all documents (layout, columns, numerical relations between columns, the functional behavior in the system, printing ...) are defined by the exact user's specifications, through the Wizard for defining reports type of documents are selected for the reports related columns. It is possible to define any aggregate functions over the data, grouping and summarizing at any level, determine the sorting, filtering fields, calculate the shares in the groups, form a ranking list, define calculated columns, join a graphical or pivot view of the report, include data from all years of operating system ... Reports are viewed in arbitrary periods, with the possibility of comparing the same period through the years.

Equivalent statements can be grouped for easy reference.

Access to reports is defined through the operators belonging to a users group.


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