ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning


All service events are recorded through a work order that are by the look and functionality adapted to each user. For facilitated monitoring of service activities, as well as all possible finishing, competition and assembly of storage products into a new storage unit, or a sales kit, creation of service work orders is enriched with the possibility of using technological templates and components. Therefore a work order can be used as a compound document for publishing and issuing elements of the components, with the automatic calculation of composite elements by direct costs. Monitoring of service activities is integrated with sales activities, monitoring of transactions by serial number, batch / lot, system for provisioning goods in stock, purchase. Arrangement and control of service activities are provided by using queries, tasks and events from the CRM module. For monitoring results of service performances and better management of resources, reports of the time spent and materials consumed are used, duration of service, track the history of all transactions per partner, item, serial number.


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