ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

OperaOpus MOBILE

OperaOpus Mobile Web is applications for mobile and warehouse management, which is fully associated with the system of documents and security of OperaOpus. It can be installed on various mobile devices that connect to the server through a local wireless network or via internet (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA ...). The condition is the existence of Internet Explorer on the device, screen size 240x320 is recommended, and also is desirable and bar code scanner to facilitate manipulation of articles and documents. It is used in warehouses for inventory automation, input and output of the goods and can be used in mobile sales.

Features applications:

  • Constant connection to the OperaOpus database
  • Immediately available to the current state of stock in all warehouses
  • Immediately available partners current balance (total and at maturity)
  • Ability to use powerful reporting OperaOpus module for processed documents
  • Download of the security settings from OperaOpus
  • Ability to work with any document as defined in OperaOpus
  • Assigning an arbitrary number of types of documents to mobile operators
  • Automatic adjustment of the form layout for entering items as defined in the document
  • Two modes:
    • 1 adding new paragraphs to the document
    • 2 completion of the already existing items
  • Selection of items by reading bar codes or searching by code and name
  • Ability to reach documents by bar code of unique identifier of the document
  • Search by document by type and number, retrieve the last recorded documents, filtering by document authors
  • Ability to copy the headers of documents
  • The possibility of determining the implied value fields to speed up entry
  • An automatic application of the price lists as defined in OperaOpus, for sales documents
  • Instructions in writing, available in the Help system of OperaOpus
  • Extremely easy use and fast adjustment of operators to work with the application and device


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10000 Zagreb, Croatia

+385 1 379 00 11