EXT = External

Openess to other systems


OperaOpusTM  system is open toward external systems and services:

  • e-banking – automatic posting of copies; preparation of summary payment orders from incoming invoices and payrolls
  • e-tax administration – submission of all legal forms: VAT, VAT-S, PA, PPO (Controlling of Domestic Tax Liability Transfer form), JOPPD (Gross Receipts Overview form), Intrastat, Control books
  • CNB – automatic download of exchange rates
  • EDI - system for the electronic exchange of documents
  • e-invoice – sending outgoing bills in electronic form; receiving incoming invoices and automatic entry in the system
  • integration with external specialized systems of users
  • machinery in the production
  • engraving devices for name plates
  • corporate managerial systems for advanced data consolidation
  • import of the price lists from suppliers
  • export of data/documents in prescribed format to the partner systems
  • creation of dedicated interfaces by special customer requests





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