OperaOpus ERP

Finance and accounting

Financial management
  • Simple management through completely automated formulas for accounting treatment
  • Drawing up and analysis of financial and business plans
  • Reports and analysis through hundreds of built-in and user defined reports
  • Completely automated accounting treatment emergence in a ledger, from material and commercial business transactions, property accounting and production
  • Recordings and reports of business developments in various dimensions: places of cost, cost holders,facilities, working orders, investments, contracts...
  • Completely supported exchange accounting with automatic calculation of transaction exposure and revalorisation
Cash operations
  • Deposit slips, withdrawal slips, itinerary order
  • Automatic booking of all documents into the treasury
  • Records of foreign exchange treasuries
Internet business
  • Import of banking statements via e-banking
  • Preparation for uploading collective payment orders
  • Downloading of foreign exchange lists from the Internet
  • Data exchange with internet services of inland revenue services
Account payable system
  • Automatic or manual linking of payments and debit entries
  • Accessing all accounts payable systems for any day in the past or in the future
  • Accrual of interest for open, closed or all accounts payable
  • Cash flow planning
  • Module for automatic and gradual warnings of paying
  • Order 14 and 15 generation, monitoring books
  • Compensation creation

Stock and sales management

Order placing
  • Automatic calculation of needs and proposal construction for the supplier
  • Supplier evaluation by ISO standards with user defined parameters
  • Order status monitoring
  • Records of supply terms by suppliers/items/item groups
  • Creation of orders by specifications and in the language of the supplier
Goods and material entering
  • Order placing into notes of receipt, or entry and control with bar-code readers for automatic order closing; monitoring of restrictedness by file entries
  • Possibility of stock monitoring by positions, and goods monitoring by series and dimensions
  • Calculation of the warehouse price for the average, last entry and the FIFO method
  • Possibility of retroactive correction in any moment with the automatic calculation of warehouse pricesand quantities for all following transactions
  • Entry of dependent cost by import inference, file for each entry
  • Reports on article overturns, critical masses, value and quantity overviews for each entered criteria
Sales and distribution management
  • Logging of commercial requirements through price lists
  • Price and rebate defining for each partner, for every item or for partner/item groups, branch offices, cost holders, regions, manufacturers or combining of any above listed criteria in any currency, possibility of price changing depending on quantity, defining of gratis items
  • Adjustment and designing of documents (offers, orders, accounts, dispatch notes) by user specifications
  • Monitoring of stock items
  • Monitoring of open orders, viewing of item availability in stock and booking order
  • Alerts for documents with expired due dates
  • Momentary insight into the stock status
Retail places
  • On-line solutions, access to all central data in all retail objects
  • Price defining in central or retail units
  • Possibility of scheduling dependent acquisition costs per items and automatic levelling of stocks to new entry price at each entrance
  • Records of all retail activities per points of sale (purchase, sale, levelling, discounts on sales, outlet actions) with automated development and accounting treatment per elements of retail (purchase price, accrued mark-up and value of VAT)
  • Possibility to pre-define retail prices in the head office or at the level of each retail outlets
OperaOpus Mobile
  • A special kind of web application for Windows Mobile/CE devices with built in barcode readers
  • Automated and wireless on-line inventory creation, also possible through GSM modules


Material property management
  • Property management by position/location
  • Computing of arbitrary amortisation numbers
  • Monitoring of event history
  • Automated inventory and accounting entries
  • Fixed assets
  • Small inventory
Project management
  • Records of agreed and planned project/object/ cost holder values
  • Grouping projects per activities / sub-activities
  • Possibility of linking any kind of files to the project
  • Recordings of all business events by a document (output and entry accounts, travel orders, temporary situation, advanced payments...). Summary/detailed income reports
  • Connecting CRM activities to projects
  • Records of maintenance listings by using complex production orders
  • Possibility to use technological components and templates for creating work orders
  • Possibility to use a work order as a complex document for issuing and delivering elements of the components with the automatic calculation of composite elements by direct costs
  • Connection to service maintenance activities with questions and CRM tasks
  • Monitoring of tasks of service personnel, reports on used work and materials, service hours
  • Instantly available history of all transactions by partners, items, serial numbers
Construction dealings
  • Recording contracted features on construction facilities and activities
  • Making and recording offered and accepted construction bills of quantities, making temporary and final construction situations
  • Records of necessary documentation (object data, temporary and final situations, bill of charges creation...)
  • Income and cost status for each project
  • Payroll accounts for each worker, for each construction site
  • Advanced monitoring of activities of apartment sales
  • Linking business events and activities, in analytical and financial accounting, facilities
  • A detailed insight into the planned, revenue and cost state of the facilities
  • Review of expected revenues per facility through an insight into the value of verified and unverified works, recording of issued and received financial guarantees by the type of guarantee, records of outstanding, due and collected receivables per facilities
  • Records of salaries by the hours worked on individual construction sites with automated recording of all elements of the calculated salaries per facilities
  • Possibility to develop all analysis of facilities as cost bearers, in addition, per company's organizational units (cost centres and profit centres)
Business documentation management and recordings
  • Records of entry, exit and intern documents
  • Monitoring of file sharing by departments and employees
  • Possibility of linking files to registry entries
  • Connection to CRM activities

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