CRM = Customer Relationship Management

General characteristics of the CRM

In the framework of OperaOpus, CRM is implemented as its enlargement, with direct connection and interaction with all the documents accompanying business processes, registration information and reports already defined in the OperaOpus system.

CRM consist the following modules:

Registration information:

  • Follow-up contacts (partners, businesses and individuals)
  • Ability of mass import of data on partners and people from the CSV file formats
  • Automatic assignment of new (or existing) partners to commercialists by the table of indebtedness (commercialists "cover" a certain area, combined with belonging to a group of partners)
  • Sharing partners between more commercialists
  • Monitoring reports by individual partners and related documents


  • Create and track campaigns with a possibility of selecting targeted customers according to various criteria and / or from various sources
  • Automatic "division" to sales campaigns and tasks related to commercialists in charge of the individual partners according to geographical origin and / or method of grouping
  • Division of the campaign on phases, depending on the campaign type. Monitoring the time of phases execution and alarm in case of delay in relation to planned deadlines
  • Ability to generate personalized mass email / fax message in the scope of advertising campaign

Sales and supply:

  • Create and track individual (or within the existing campaign) sales / supply
  • Division sale / purchase of the phases, defined by types of sale / supply, with the alarm in case of exceeding limits
  • Monitoring all correspondence regarding certain sales
  • Reports on anticipated and realized sales
  • Monitoring the sale / supply by status, types, priorities, resources, commercialists

Service and support:

  • Recording and reporting of incoming queries by various criteria
  • Oblige persons to deal with queries
  • Possibility of forming a knowledge base with the already described solution to a particular problem with the ability to search by keyword
  • Ability to generate periodic future tasks related to maintenance or servicing of goods

Management, organization and correspondence within the company:

  • Delegating, accepting and rejecting assignments and monitoring their execution
  • Monitoring the occupancy of individual employees and their calendars
  • Organizing access shared files on the network
  • Defining access rights to any part of the CRM
  • The ability to share records (sales, assignments ...) with other people
  • Disclosure of information relevant to the whole company
  • Tracking the history of all transactions within the CRM (History)
  • Exchanging emails within the company

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