ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Construction business

Recording and analysis of construction activities in the business is based on the recording of all business activities related to facility / construction site as an item of business agreement construction contract. Opening of the facility / construction site synthesizes the recording of all the important contracted features related to the facility, as well as the records of tender and final guarantees by type, making of the cost estimates. Monitoring of construction activities is realized through making and record of bid and accepted construction costs estimate, and making temporary and final construction situations. With the object it is possible to join documents to record the receipt, dispatch and reservation of goods and services, financial transactions, travel orders, incoming invoices of subcontractors. Mentioned system of functionality allows the user a detailed insight into the planned revenue and cost the state of the facilities through an overview of the expected revenue per facility, access to value of situated certified and non-certified works per facility, state of guarantees, access to mature, unmature and settled claims and the detailed elaboration of the cost per facilities. Also are provided records on workers salary by hours worked at certain construction sites with automated recording of all elements of the calculated salary per facilities.


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