CRM = Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management represents a direction in a business strategy oriented on customer satisfaction, thereby software version thats strategy is realized with this definition is broadended by our system to generalmonitoring of all activities and responsibilities in the areas of marketing, sales,supply, maintenance and the internal organization with all other Operaopus modules.

By implementing crm modules, the following goals are accomplished:

  • easy and automated partner-relation monitoring (marketing, sales, supply, maintenance and support)
  • access to key customer information, assortment and competition
  • monitoring of each partner with all the details on his business dealings
  • successful management of business processes supported by CRM
  • timely alerts on the starting, arriving and belated processes
  • planning and overview of one's own working hours, as well as of all other parties included
  • easy readable reports on planned and accomplished results
  • continuous partner informing through mass e-mails, newsletters, with possible defining of the number on the mailing list
  • complete integration of files, code-files and reports from other OperaOpusTM modules
  • possibilities of business records can be expanded with the structure flexibilities of this module, for example: monitoring of job openings, creation of CV bases, records of employer education, support in introducing the system for quality management (e.g. ISO 9001) and similar demands that request monitoring and following. It is also possible to create defining-possibilities of the number of added describing fields for all CRM entries, as well as the possibility of segmenting partners by any criteria available in all parts of the OperaOpusTM system (from completely installed reports system, as well as from all user defined reports)
  • the possibility of defining the debenture matrix by groups and territorial affiliation with automated mass task assigning
  • by using all of the above, the goal is to considerably improve the customer relations, to enable a fast reaction to sudden market changes and to increase the profitability of one's company.

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