CRM = Customer Relationship Management


To make easier for our customers to monitor management activities related to the questionnaires / surveys, we have developed a special module within OperaOpus CRM. The task of this module is to allow the definition of the questionnaire on a quick and transparent way, as well as the results and input responses to the questionnaires. By using CRM reporting module it is possible to create an arbitrary number of reports on the results of the questionnaires and various statistics through pivot tables and charts. The module allows easy searching, sorting and filtering large amounts of data.

In the questionnaires it is possible to define an unlimited number of questions and provided answers (arbitrary for each question or standardized, with the possibility of restrictions on the number of selected answers). With every answer is possible to add the picture.

The answers to the questions are entered through customized forms, and the result of the questionnaire can be reported through an arbitrary number of user - defined reports in pivot or graphical form. Reports are created using the wizard in CRM reporting module:


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