Objavljeno: 10. 5. 2022.

BIAM and welding trade show 2022


BIAM and Welding trade show, held in the Zagreb Fair exhibition space from 26 to 29 April 2022, on its 5,500 square meters gathered 120 exhibitors from 19 countries. The fair presented technological achievements and innovations in the field of machine tools and welding process equipment, including computer-controlled machine tools, robotics and innovative IT solutions.

Our sales team, Hrvoje Svetina (Sales Director) and Goran Funtak (Sales Consultant) presented OperaOpus™ ERP which is especially suitable for production companies with complex needs, demanding more of its ERP solution.

OperaOpus™ is the first choice of production companies primarily since, along with the integration of all business processes into one single unit, its functionalities enable timely planning and detailed monitoring of production (planning the procurement of raw materials, planning and recording work operations and execution times, automated issuance of work orders, calculation of production at actual prices, among others).

“BIAM and Welding Fair is an excellent opportunity to present the benefits of our ERP system in more detail to our target group of manufacturing companies. We have made very interesting contacts and we are satisfied with the expressed interest in our ERP system. This makes us happy since it indicates that companies in Croatia and the region are aware of the need for modernization and digitalization of their business in order to be competitive in the international market. OperaOpus™ ERP is a software solution that can help them achieve this, as it has helped hundreds of our users."- said Hrvoje Svetina, Sales Director.

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