Objavljeno: 10. 12. 2021.

New innovation project


Another innovation project of ours has been recognized and backed up with the European Structural and Investment Funds focused on research, development and innovation projects. The non-refundable resources will be invested in advanced information system development, based on AI and IoT technologies and focused on increasing the productivity of the production facilities through the optimization of the production operations schedules.

This way one, of the burning issues in the production sector will be addressed with the goal of the production cycle optimization, increase in the nominal capacity, reduction of the material costs and decrease in the production waste. The project will demonstrate the technology concept and develop a functional prototype level TRL8, consisting of an advanced machine learning algorithm and IoT network of industrial sensors.

The project will be carried out by our expert team experienced in R&D projects, as well as the commercialization of the innovative ICT products, so it does not predict external partners.

This project is just another one of our initiatives focused on continuous improvements of our OperaOpus™  ERP, as well as integrating the most advanced technologies, which we are committed to as an important component of our business goals.

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