Objavljeno: 4. 8. 2023.

New innovative fintech service available in OperaOpus™


In accordance with the continuous improvement of the OperaOpus™ system, a new integration with ePlati fintech service AIS (Account Information Service) has been completed. It is a service that enables automatic reporting of bank account transactions and account balances for all bank accounts.

OperaOpus™ ERP users will from now on be able to receive a report directly in our ERP solution on any changes in transaction accounts in the National Clearing System (NCS) cycle or at their request.

The key advantages of the AIS (Account Information Service) are manifested in the automatic download of information and the easy monitoring of all changes in the bank account, since this service allows you to download information about account transactions in real-time. In the application, balance and transaction data are updated 4 times a day (aligned with NCS cycles), and the possibility of automatic updating is also available.

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