Objavljeno: 15. 3. 2023.

OperaOpus™ ERP mobile app


Having in mind the need for access to OperaOpus™ ERP functionalities on the go, in addition to our efforts to continuously improve the OperaOpus™ ERP system, we developed the OperaOpus™ ERP app for mobile devices. The native OperaOpus™ ERP mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS mobile devices and has already been used by several of our clients.

The main advantages of the ERP app are manifested in mobility, which increases speed and efficiency, enabling easy access to all necessary information, as well as a better user experience for end users.

Basic modules have been developed within the core app, some of which are OperaOpus™ CRM, OperaOpus™ HR and OperaOpus™ BI, as well as various reports easily available to users in a few clicks. The app is continuously upgraded and other modules are being added periodically - for example, in one of the last additions, the OperaOpus™ Service app was developed within the core app, with the aim of supporting the company's service work.

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