Objavljeno: 3. 3. 2022.

OperaOpus™ ERP new, advanced version


Everyday life brings along the need for continuous movement, demanding activities on the go, while the importance of data increases exponentially year by year. Having these trends in mind, and in line with our continuous efforts to improve and advance OperaOpus™ ERP, we are developing a new version of the system.

Advanced web application based on the latest technologies will enable using ERP in motion, on all types of mobile devices, in addition to the existing operativeness on desktop devices.

Key benefits manifest in mobility that enables faster and more efficient work, along with a more modern user interface, better user experience and the use of cloud technologies.

„After a detailed analysis of the customers' needs, as well as reflection on the area for improvements of the current ERP solution, we started developing a new version in the middle of the last year. For this project's purposes, a team of experts has been formed and developers with multiple years of experience in this type of software development have been dedicated to the project. Along with the improvements in current functionalities, the new version will also bring new functionalities, some of which are based on AI technologies.“ - stated Igor Lišinski, Head of Software Development.

The web version is planned to go live during this year, when the existing customers will be migrated to it, and the new customers will be offered the new version right away. 

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