Objavljeno: 27. 11. 2023.

RISIN2 program for young talents closing event


Our colleagues Tomislav Pinterić, Senior ERP Implementator, and Davor Sertić, ERP Consultant, have successfully completed the IN2 Group RISIN2 program. The program lasted for 7 months, and the closing event was held in the middle of this month. After an inspiring motivational lecture titled "What would I be like if I had avoided some mistakes?", diplomas were handed to all participants, and those who stood out during the program were announced.

The RISIN2 program is a talent program of the IN2 Group designed for employees with pronounced potential, aiming to further empower them through skills development and networking. The RISIN2 program is created in a way that combines external training from top performers in the market, in-house activities, and gamification elements.

As part of a team of 30 talents of the Group, Tomislav and Davor went through 6 stations. At each station, they first familiarized themselves with a specific topic and then had the opportunity to apply their knowledge in various ways, whether through presentations, solving problem tasks, or by organizing an in-house conference. The program covered topics relevant to the dynamic business environment in which we operate, focusing on understanding business processes, change management, getting to know individual and team roles and effective communication. At the end of the program, they also had a Whistle-stop tour where they got familiar with the diversity of the business world of the IN2 Group and visited other offices throughout Croatia. During this time, they had the opportunity to actively apply their newly acquired knowledge through interaction with students at the Faculty Career Fairs and lectures held at the faculties throughout Croatia. 

Upon the program completion, we are proud of our colleagues and their dedication and additional effort invested during the RISIN2 program. We bring you their impressions of the program.

It was interesting to be part of recognized talents. The program brought us new acquaintances, and a better understanding of what is happening in other sectors of the IN2 Group, and the lectures we attended during the program were quite useful in the segment of change management, communication, and teamwork. After this program, I became an indispensable part of the IN2 family. Thanks to those who recognized me as a talent, said Tomislav.

The program was rich in gaining new acquaintances, knowledge, and experiences, as well as situations that took us out of our comfort zone, without which there is no progress in personal and professional development. I would like to thank everyone who gave me an opportunity to be part of this program, said Davor.

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